Diaspora integration in global development


Promoting diaspora engagement for the sustainable development and investment in the Caribbean, particularly, Haiti

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Committed to diaspora engagement and integration to foster community trust, partnership and economic growth

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The Diaspora is at the heart of the nexus of globalization, migration, transnationalism, and entrepreneurship making us key drivers for economic development everywhere. Diaspora must be at the table of global discussions in order to truly achieve SDGs and eradication of poverty. The systematic exclusion of diaspora in the humanitarian system and overall development goals should be addressed by donors, policy makers and governments. The landscape of the humanitarian system has evolved due to the increasing engagement of nontraditional actors across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. A global collective effort is required to endorse, engage and integrate the diaspora across areas of development and humanitarian response.” Dr. Magalie Emile-Backer, Founder and Diaspora Engagement Strategist, Haiti Renewal Alliance

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Our Collaborative Partners

HRA engages in collaborative efforts with the private sector, Humanitarian Actors, Government, and non-governmental organizations to propel growth, minimize risk, and further sustainability objectives. Together, we have the potential to achieve sustainable impact that extends beyond the realm of diaspora remittance.

At HRA we organize events to promote our endeavors.

From invigorating conferences to engaging workshops, our videos encapsulate the core of our HRA’s mission of Diaspora integration in global development. Embark with us on this journey, where we commemorate accomplishments, exchange insights, and ignite the spark for positive change.

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Featured Projects

Diaspora Mapping

UNF – HRA Diaspora Partnership

Disaster Risk Reduction

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HRA’s OneDiaspora: Haitian Diaspora Coalition Platform

Haitian Diaspora coordination

HRA Investor Tank: Igniting Diaspora Innovation

presented by Diaspora Partnership Accelerator (DPA) and funded by USAID.

Meet Our Team

We believe that our team is our greatest asset. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, making us stronger together.

Magalie Emile-Backer

Co-Founder of HRA

Jessica Théodore

Communication Director

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Success Stories

These success stories exemplify the power of determination, resilience, and passion. They remind us that no matter the obstacles we face, we have the ability to overcome them and achieve greatness.

HRA Business Investment Expos 2013-2016

HRA Business Investment…

The Haiti Business Investment Expo & Conference is an HRA…

Diaspora Mapping (MHAVE) February 2018 – December 2018

Diaspora Mapping (MHAVE)…

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – Haiti has signed an…

Creating a Diaspora Shelter Working Group

Creating a Diaspora…

Under the Global Shelter Cluster framework, a specific working group…

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I am at the HRA Expo every year, I have supported, sponsored and I will continue to support this great platform

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Pitching on the HRA Investors Tank was absolutely breathtaking.

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The future direction of HRA is limitless. It is impacting the Caribbean community on so many level

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