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Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA)

Non-profit diaspora engagement organization operating at the nexus of humanitarian assistance and development in the Caribbean with a focus on Haiti. Our community-based models focus on enhancing effective coordination, collaboration, and collective action by leveraging diaspora human, technical, and financial resources. For over a decade, HRA’s past performance and experience have included investment promotion, diaspora advocacy, government, and private sector consulting, as well as, organizing, and hosting successful community development programming (e.g. “Haiti Business Expo” in Washington, D.C. and Port-au-Prince). Our activities have gathered key stakeholders including donors, the private sector, diaspora businesses and organizations, bi + multilateral development institutions, impact investors, chambers of commerce, and Haitian central government officials. HRA is a registered 501c3 business and has various funding partnerships with the private sector, NGOs, United Nations, IOM, and USAID to develop Diaspora Engagement programming. HRA global diaspora platforms include Investors Tank, Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU), Diaspora Engagement Framework (co-created with IOM), Diaspora Partnership Accelerator (DPA co-created with USAID), and Diaspora Advocacy Coalition.

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The Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU) is the community emergency response team established in 2010. Activated during emergencies only, HDERU serves as a comprehensive disaster management platform, effectively leveraging the expertise and resources of local, national, and international stakeholders across the diaspora. HRA enhanced its model in 2020 as part of a USAID-funded collaborative effort to develop a Global Diaspora Framework. This collaborative approach ensures a swift and well-coordinated humanitarian response in times of crisis.


Community coalition of over 80 organizational members including diaspora organizations, businesses, NGOs, and local governments, operating as an umbrella humanitarian and development network under one coordinating framework. The platform, strategically aligned with regional partnerships, harnesses diaspora support for disaster recovery into development and employs a global cluster system approach. The result is a coordinated effort that mobilizes key humanitarian actors and resources during disasters, with a special focus on recovery and impact investment initiatives in Haiti. OneDiaspora stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the humanitarian sector, providing a model for effective diaspora coordination and collective action globally.

Global Diaspora Framework

HRA in a collaborative effort with the International Organization for Migration(IOM), and funding from USAID's Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) has spearheaded the development of the Diaspora Coordination Framework. Under this innovative framework, HRA also developed OneDiaspora, a dynamic community-based platform committed to enhancing Diaspora Coordination in Preparedness, Response, and Recovery into development.

Meet Our Team

We believe that our team is our greatest asset. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, making us stronger together.

Firmin Backer

President and Co-Founder of HRA

DR. Magalie Emile-Backer

Vice President and Co-Founder

Maybelle Jadotte-Clairvil

Director of OneDiaspora

Georgemay Figaro

Government Liaison

Jessica Theodore

Director of Marketing and Communications

Dr. Gilbert Saint Jean

Director of Policy Research and Advocacy

Marc Fred Saint-Sauveur

Senior Project Manager

Jessica Théodore

Director of Marketing and Communications

Marc Fred Saint-Sauveur

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Gilbert Saint Jean

Director of Policy Research and Advocacy

Our Partners

HRA engages in collaborative efforts with the private sector, Humanitarian Actors, Government, and non-governmental organizations to propel growth, minimize risk, and further sustainability objectives. Together, we have the potential to achieve sustainable impact that extends beyond the realm of diaspora remittance.


Diaspora integration in global development


Promoting diaspora engagement for the sustainable development and investment in the Caribbean, particularly, Haiti

Guiding Principle

Committed to diaspora engagement and integration to foster community trust, partnership and economic growth




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