Jessica Théodore

Communication Director
Jessica Théodore is an experienced communications and marketing professional, as well as leader of her own international consultation firm.
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Firmin Backer

Firmin Backer, an electric engineer, and intellectual property subject matter expert by trade, is the co-founder and President of Haiti Renewal Alliance.
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Magalie Emile-Backer

Co-Founder of HRA
Dr. Backer is a drug development research scientist with 15+ years’ experience in biomedical research as well as CEO of Diversified Research Associate.
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Sophie Dessources

Executive Director
Ms. Dessources is an experienced international legal and management professional, specialized in international trade and investment policy.
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Audrey Birba

Quality Assurance and Project Support
Audrey Birba-Cantave is an experienced financial services professional specializing in implementing process optimization methods and general project management.
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Dr. Monalisa Ferrari

Communication and Media Outreach Consultant

Dr. Ferrari is a multi-talented entrepreneur, having established careers as an educator, community leader, media expert, innovator, philanthropist.

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Daphney Phillip

Director of External Affairs and Project Manager

Daphney Phillip is an innovative instructional project management strategist with a experience in implementing innovative change in education.

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Sophia Fenton

Marketing Support Specialist
Sophia Fenton is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy, with a minor in Latin American Studies.
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